priincess-mariina-deactivated20 said: Omg I just realized your blog was about books you have read and gave reviews. You just became my favorite blog. I am always looking for a good book.

Hey thanks. Hopefully you find a book or two that sounds interesting.


Anonymous said: How many followers do you have?

Close to 1000. Of course, they’re not all devoted worshipers.


goshdiddlydarnthesevampires said: You were my 80th follower yaaaaay. Also I'm currently reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest for the first timee

Every time I’ve read it, it’s gotten better.


adamcrosland said: Just bought 'Ham on Rye' based on your review. Perhaps one of the most impulsive things i've ever done. Ha

Impulsive and smart.


mymindpalaceisatardis said: I really like that you're reading and reviewing books! Makes me happy, books are my life. :D

Thanks! Books play an integral part in my life, too.


Anonymous said: wow! this is amazing what you do! the way you read all of these pieces and then review them, and I'm sure that you have other things to do and yet you take time out of your day especially for this. it makes me smile :')

Thank you! But there are plenty of people like me. At least in America.


canalcaveira-deactivated2014021 said: I added you as a friend on Goodreads, hope you don't mind but I'm always curious about what other people are reading. Thanks for following!

I welcome everyone to add me on Goodreads.


Anonymous said: how much on average are you paid/month from amazon?

Sorry, I’m not going to give you a specific answer. I will tell you a couple things. You start out earning 4% on each item. It’s not about selling books because they’re $10 a pop. The good thing about Amazon Associates is that you get a commission on any item bought within 24 hours of your link getting clicked. You win when people buy things like $500 televisions.


Anonymous said: how is it, that you receive a commission from amazon when books are sold? Are you hired to promote certain books. Sincerely, curious

I’m a member of Amazon Associates. I wrote a short 10 page report about it for beginners, which I used to have up on my blog. You can download it here.


Review of China, Please Give Me More by Sergio Tell


In China Please Give Us More, the stadium is blaring and the lights are bright until a comedic tragedy strikes. There’s much more in between that makes this book a good one. I love how the author depicts China creating shortages and solving those shortages with other products. I get the feeling that current events play a role in the plot creation. Language also plays a role and it’s what causes the tragedy in the first place.

Through the course of reading the Fungus books, I realized that you can understand a lot of things in life by joking about them. A good example in this book is when marriage is described as the sharing of money.

Right now this is the newest Fungus book. I’m eager to see what Tell comes up with next.

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